Dana Perino Disses Helen Thomas On <em>The Daily Show</em>

Dana Perino gets points for bravery, both for going on The Daily Show and for doing so in hot pink — but otherwise last night's interview with the current White House Press Secretary was sort of...uncomfortable. She handled it like a pro, of course — Jon Stewart called her "unflappable" — but otherwise it did little to contradict her image as a smooth spinmeister who remains on message no matter what other human response may be required. (For example, Stewart picked up on last week's headline wherein she said that no one in the briefing room asked her about Iraq anymore; said Perino: "It's gotten better, and therefore it's not as interesting." Spin and a diss on the press! Oh she's good.) Perino also complained that the press corps interrupted her, for which Stewart had little pity, and — in a move that no doubt infuriated many viewers — dissed grande dame of the press corps Helen Thomas by implying that her questions "not based on fact." (Probably those ones about Iraq that Perino used to get and answer so forthrightly.) Best line: "The president has said that he's going to sprint to the finish...can you get him to run faster?" Watch below:

Also, ETP could not find the "Women Who Love Ari Fleischer" site. We did look. Just one. Someone help her.

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