Fox News' Dana Perino Made 'Queso' And The Internet Doesn't Want It

The dish reminded one Twitter user more of the sarcophagus opening of 2018.

Fox News anchor Dana Perino made a classic Super Bowl snack Sunday night, but the internet isn’t sure what it was.

“I made queso,” she tweeted just after the kickoff, along with a photo of a slightly congealed crock pot of orange-brown glop. Upon closer look, the substance appeared to be separating, lifting from the edge of the dish.

The alleged queso immediately sparked a flurry of reactions on Twitter, prompting comparisons to the infamous Fyre Festival sandwich, the sarcophagus opening of 2018, sewage and just a piece of half-melted cheese lying in a bowl by itself.

However Perino hit back at her “elitist” haters, letting them know her friends appreciated her cooking, opting for the queso rather than the salad.

“So...whatever dudes!” she wrote in response.

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