Dana Rohrabacher Really Doesn't Want To Lose This Online Poll, You Guys

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Dana Rohrabacher is trying to get out the vote. 
Dana Rohrabacher is trying to get out the vote. 

With the Thanksgiving weekend behind us, it’s time to return to the wild days and nights of President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team, currently endeavoring to find itself a shiny new secretary of state. The competition is lit, folks.

Former Massachusetts governor and Trump critic Mitt Romney is a top contender, provided he accede to whatever ritual humiliation Trump has in mind for the one-time presidential candidate. Also in the mix: retired Gen. David Petraeus, whose nomination would finally end our national conversation about the handling of state secrets and how it is disqualifying for higher office.

But you should also spare a thought for Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.), who is also up for consideration, according to things he has heard. And it would be really nice if everyone would go and vote for him in an online poll, which he would rather not lose.

Rohrabacher put out the call for assistance on his Facebook page over the weekend:

I have been told that I am under consideration to join President Trump’s team as Secretary of State. While my present intention, of course, is to continue to fight for liberty and freedom as a member of the House of Representatives, as a strong supporter of President-Elect Trump’s vision for America, it would be a privilege and an honor to serve as his Secretary of State.

Breitbart News is conducting a poll of potential candidates for Secretary of State. As a supporter of mine who shares values and patriotism, I thought you might want to participate in this poll.

At the time of this post, Rohrabacher was trailing Romney, Petraeus, John Bolton and Rudy Giuliani but maintaining a lead over “other,” probably thanks to illegal voters.

This is presumably how things are going to get done in America now. 


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