World’s Police Departments Step Up To Dance Challenge

But who has the best moves?

Crime fighters across the world are showing they've got the funk.

Cops in New Zealand threw down the gauntlet to other police departments when they did the "Running Man" dance on Tuesday.

After busting moves to Ghost Town DJ’s 1995 hit "My Boo," they challenged other services to show off their own skills.

Their rivals have willingly accepted the invitation, leading to a series of clips showing uniformed officers boogying down to the beat.

Some have more rhythm than others... Judge for yourself who you think could have a career in the clubs -- and who should stick to patrolling their beat.

First up is the New York Police Department:

Police Scotland stepped up -- with a bagpiper in front of Edinburgh Castle:

London's Metropolitan Police joined in:

Officers in Oulu, Finland, gave an arresting performance:

California's Vallejo Police Department teamed up with Jesse Bethel High School students for its version:

New South Wales Police, in Australia, put together this clip:

Their compatriots at the Northern Territory Police went further -- with this epic, 2-parter:

The Australian Federal Police challenged the FBI after showing off their fancy footwork:

The craze also spread to the New Zealand Fire Service:

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service followed suit:

And then Australia's Queensland Fire and Emergency Services:

Cops on the Isles of Scilly, off the southwest coast of England, initially declined to take part in the challenge -- saying they'd instead prefer to eat cake.

But it appears that officers in what is one of the world's smallest police departments are now gearing up to don their best dancing shoes:

The so-called Running Man Challenge started in April, when University of Maryland basketball players Jaylen Brantley and Jared Nickens started posting videos of themselves doing variations of the dance.

It then swept through college and professional sports teams, before the Kiwi cops took up the challenge.

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