This Stunning Dance Tribute To Orlando Will Give You The Chills

And its ambiguous ending makes it even more haunting.

The June 12 mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, has inspired countless tributes from Hollywood, Broadway and beyond. 

The latest homage to the Pulse nightclub tragedy is a stunning (and heartbreaking) contemporary dance routine that needs to be seen to be believed. Released as part of the DanceOn Network's "Artist Request" series, the "Love is Love" video shows two male dancers (Kent Boyd and Will Johnston) coming together in frenzied passion to the tune of X Ambassador's "Unsteady" before they ambiguously return to their original positions at the conclusion. 

The clip begins with "Hamilton" creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda's now-iconic "love is love is love is love..." quote, and concludes with the names of the 49 victims of the Orlando massacre. Whether the two men resolved their relationship or decided to split by the end of the video is open to interpretation, which is exactly what choreographer Tyce Diorio and director David Javier said they intended to do. 

"To love is to be brave, for to lose love is the greatest loss a human will ever know," the creators wrote on the official DanceOn Network's YouTube page. "To those lost in Orlando and to the loved ones who were left behind, we stand with you in strength and most importantly, in LOVE."

Bravo to the dancers and creative team for such a powerful tribute. 



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