These Dancers Take Adele's 'Love In The Dark' To A Magical Level

"Her music is poetry and I wanted to reflect that poetry through movement."

Beautiful. Breathtaking. Ethereal. 

Those are just some words we'd use to describe Will B. Bell's latest choreography to Adele's "Love In The Dark." Bell shared the stunning video, featuring dancers DJ Smart and Zola Williams and shot by cinematographer Jose Omar Hernandez, earlier this week.   

"My inspirations were my dancers DJ Smart and Zola Williams," Bell told The Huffington Post. "As a choreographer, there is nothing better then a feeling of working with dancers who you can pull and learn from. From a creative perspective, I knew these two dancers were perfect for pushing my boundaries."

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Bell also has great appreciation for Hernandez, who he says is "brilliant." 

"I learned so much from him during the creative process about intentions, purpose, and feeling behind each shot."

The video comes just months after Bell's piece with Smart and Williams dancing to Adele's "All I Ask" went viral after it was released in January.  It's no surprise that he continues to choose the singer's powerhouse songs to choreograph to.

"I chose Adele because there is something so pure, honest and genuine about her music that has captivated me for years," he told HuffPost. "Her music is poetry and I wanted to reflect that poetry through movement."

We're sure Adele would be blown away. 



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