Dancers Making a Change

Nowadays so many elementary, middle and high school students, including myself, are involved in some sort of "after school activity" -- whether that be various clubs, sports, playing an instrument or any other hobby you can think of. However, I feel that sometimes people get too lost in the trivial matters such as the competition between individuals and teams or the need to be better than the person next to you. We forget that any personal interests outside or even inside of school can be a tool for impacting not only those involved in the activity but also those who are not. Although others might not play, for example, the trombone, you can still use your own love and interest for whatever you do to impact others on a broader scale. This sort of scale would not simply be performing for others or teaching younger students but using your own skills to influence a specific cause, problem or group of people in the society.

As a dancer myself, I am always on YouTube scouring videos of amazing dancers, drooling with my mouth open for three straight minutes as I watch them. Recently, I came upon this video about an organization called Artists Giving Hope, which was founded by two incredible young dancers still in high school. If you want to check them out visit:

This is just one example that I happened to come across out of countless others that use a seemingly specific activity usually accessed by only a limited audience to make an impact on a much more inclusive and larger scale.

Hobbies are not just for personal enjoyment, but they can actually affect even people who aren't knowledgeable about the certain hobby in a positive and powerful way. So next time you pick up that trombone, think about how you can use your music to possibly change other people's lives.