Dancing 2012: Matt Harding Returns With New Dance Around The World Viral Video

It's been a long four years, but the wait for a new "Where The Hell Is Matt" video is finally over, and this one's pretty jaw-droppingly great. For fans of viral videos that make you want to hug your neighbor, Matt Harding's oeuvre is pretty much the gold standard.

Harding was a viral video star before there was YouTube, garnering views for his first video the old-fashioned way, via email forwards. Later came Dancing 2006 and then Dancing 2008 (which has been seen more than 40 million times), both of which were sponsored by Stride Gum. With each project, Matt has added more locations and dancers, and this time around he's added a lot more moves.

While the charm if this somewhat goofy guy dancing his silly dance in exotic locales is what initially made the videos so irresistible, they have progressively zeroed in on a message of joy, communication, humanism and curiosity. In this installment, Harding not only dances with people all over the world, he dances their dance.

And somewhere along the way he found time to have a baby. Congrats, Matt & Melissa!

Take a look at the video above and let us know what your favorite part is.

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