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Animals That Know How To Dance Salsa (VIDEO)


Are you thinking these animals look a bit creepy? Yeah, maybe. But let's be honest, few things are funnier than a chihuahua, except maybe a chihuahua that can dance salsa. Seriously, did you see that hip shaking-shoulder shiver move?

Enough about the chihuahua.

We prefer Carrie, the adorable golden retriever that dances merengue and became an online sensation after a video of her dancing went viral reaching over four million hits on YouTube in a week.

A few days after her online success, Carrie and her Chilean trainer, Jose Fuentes, appeared on "Late Show With David Letterman".

Creepy or not, we're just impressed by how well these animals can move to salsa and merengue. And, hey, just because the beluga isn't moving much doesn't mean the mariachi serenade isn't awesome.


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