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'Dancing Burglar': Teenage Criminal's Dance Moves Gave Him Away, Police Say (VIDEO)

Police in Galveston, Texas, have been able to identify a possible burglary suspect thanks to security camera footage that captured the man busting out "signature" dance moves, the Houston Chronicle reports.

Galveston Police Captain Jeff Heyse released the 38-second video on Wednesday which shows a young man briefly chatting with others before performing a short dance routine, which allowed them to identify a possible suspect.

"The 16-year-old juvenile suspect is known for his 'swag,' or signature dance move, and (he) does it in the hallways at school," Heyse stated in a press release obtained by the Galveston Daily News.

The footage was captured between 8 and 9 p.m. on March 27, when three men reportedly broke into an amphibious automobile that the touring company "Duck Tours" uses to drive sightseers along the streets of Galveston and ferry them across Galveston Bay, the paper reports.

"Three suspects somehow scaled the side of the vehicle and made entry into the emergency exit on the roof," Heyse said in the press release. "They sprayed the fire extinguisher inside the vehicle and subsequently stole the extinguisher."

The other two possible suspects in the burglary have been identified through still photographs taken at the scene, according to the Times Union.

Police have not officially named any suspects, and have asked that anyone with information related to the case call police detective Nicholas McDermott at 409-765-3772.

Watch the 'dancing burglar' surveillance footage above.

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