'Dancing In Jaffa': Ballroom Dance Champion Brings Israeli, Palestinian Kids Together To Dance

Many Israelis and Palestinians would hesitate to come together and talk right now with everything going on in Gaza -- let alone dance together. But that is exactly what world champion ballroom dancer Pierre Dulaine is getting them to do.

His students are Jewish and Palestinian Israeli children who come together for a 10-week course in Latin Dance, the trials and tribulations of which are documented in a new film by Hilla Medalia, "Dancing in Jaffa."

As hard as it might be for some of the kids to get over their religious and cultural differences, plenty of opportunities for discussion and laughter arise as well, as the above trailer depicts.

Dulaine goes deeper into his philosophies about dance in this TEDx talk, including why it can be powerful tool for teaching the value of mutual respect:

Perhaps Dulaine's strategy could make a difference in other regions of the world torn apart by violence. How amazing would a "Dancing in Mosul" or "Dancing in Ferguson" be?

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