This Man Was Body-Shamed, And Now Hundreds Of Women Are Throwing Him A Party

This Man Was Body-Shamed, And Now Hundreds Of Women Are Throwing Him A Party

This is a great Internet story: When an unnamed man was shamed for dancing in public, a tribe of body-positive women launched a Twitter search to throw him the ultimate dance party in California.

They found him -- and he said yes.

It all started when an anonymous person posted a surreptitious shot at the man, with photos attached, on the message board 4Chan.

"Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week," the poster wrote. "He stopped when he saw us laughing."

dancing man

A screenshot of the post, labeled "Why I Hate Children," was uploaded to Imgur by the user FrozenBadger. "I find this behavior f****ing despicable," FrozenBadger wrote. "If you're out there big man, f**k those kids. Keep dancing."

Most Imgur commenters shared FrozenBadger's sentiments, sending messages of support to the anonymous dancing man like "Don't ever let them dull your sparkle big boy!" and "I wish we could find him and tell him he's awesome."

One writer decided to do just that. Cassandra Fairbanks, who goes by the name Cassandra Rules, launched a Twitter campaign to #FindDancingMan.

“I decided to tweet it and our offer in the hopes if he did see it, he would see something positive instead of a bunch of people upset,” she told Buzzfeed.

She issued an invitation he couldn't refuse.

Soon enough, another Twitter user posted a photo of the Dancing Man posing with a dinosaur mascot in London, tagging the image with #findDancingMan so Fairbanks could see it. "Can you pass him our invitation?" she asked. The connection was made!

#FindDancingMan spotted in London with latest dancing partner

— Max Taucer (@MaxTaucer) March 6, 2015

Dancing Man confirmed his identity with a photo, creating a brand new Twitter account called @Dancingmanfound to accept the dance party invitation. He wrote that he's "Not a tweeter normally!"

Dancing Man, identified so far only as a Londoner named Sean, said he will be in Kiev for the next two weeks, but he plans to get down in Los Angeles shortly after. And it shouldn't cost him a dime - a GoFundMe page raised $4,629 in just two hours to pay for his trip, and donations are still coming in.

In the meantime, he's apparently started working out in preparation for his groove marathon with the body-positive ladies of Los Angeles.

"Gossip Girl's" Ed Westwick tweeted his support.

Oh, and Pharrell might come too.

"Thanks for the interest and the tweet," Dancing Man told Pharrell. "Today is a day I have never imagined would happen."

We can't wait for the party.

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