How A Viral Photo Became A Worldwide Symbol For Body Positivity

How A Viral Photo Became A Worldwide Symbol For Body Positivity

#FindDancingMan captured the viral heart of the internet in March, and now, it's channeling that attention into a good cause.

Dancing Man has inspired the Dance Free Movement, a body positive, anti-cyberbullying website and an original song, complete with a music video.

"Technology has given bullies a platform to tear down others while hiding behind a screen," Dance Free's website reads. "Together we can change this by responding with love, empathy, understanding and a little dancing."

On Tuesday, singer Hope Leigh released a "Home To Me," a feel-good tune inspired by the Dancing Man movement. The carefree dance clips were culled from YouTube #DanceFree videos, and comic comic Damienne Merlina, who shut down Ari Shaffir's body-shaming with an emotional YouTube video last month, also makes an appearance.

The Dancing Man himself, who's known only as Sean, makes a brief cameo, too. It looks like he and Leigh get along like a house on fire:

Dancing Man became an inspiration for body positivity in early March after an anonymous 4Chan user posted his photo along with the words, "Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing."

The picture made its way to Imgur and then Twitter, where writer Cassandra Fairbanks made it her mission to #FindDancingMan and throw him a party.

Dancing Man was found in London a few days later, and the movement snowballed from there. The details of the party Fairbanks originally promised to throw Sean will be announced soon, Dance Free says.

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