If 'Dancing Queen' Were About Breastfeeding

"You can nurse! You can pu-ump!"

The latest parody video from YouTube's Laughing Moms channel shows what ABBA might've sounded like if they sang about breastfeeding.

The comedic duo turned "Dancing Queen" into a lactation-themed anthem called "Nursing Queen." From night feedings to hormone and fatigue-fueled breakdowns, the parody covers many scenarios breastfeeding moms know all too well. The moms also pay tribute to Kristina Kuzmic's satirical PSA, "4 Reasons Women Should NEVER Breastfeed in Public."

In the video caption, the moms note that their tribute is not meant to belittle mothers who don't breastfeed. "We love all mommas and want to show our support to those mommas who choose to nurse their babies!" they write. "That doesn't mean we think any less of those mommas who don't nurse, we just want mommas who do nurse to have the freedom to do so!"

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