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Dancing With The Stars' Cheryl Burke Talks Spray Tanning With Allure (PHOTOS)

The hot dancing, fun music, excitement of voting -- these are all things that have made "Dancing With The Stars" the mega show it is. But there's something else the show has become famous for: very tanned performers like Cheryl Burke.

Spray tanning has become a signature on the show, with contestants looking just as bright as their glittering costumes. But with spray tans going awry every which way, why would these celebrities and dancers subject themselves to the orange glow phenomenon every week?

Allure magazine recently sat down with Cheryl Burke from "Dancing With The Stars". Burke said spray tanning doesn't just improve the dancers' skin, but their bodies, too:

"There's no requirement to be tan but your body looks sleeker, thinner, and more toned when you are tan."

And while Burke doesn't use the show's spray tanning services, she did admit to getting tanned twice a week. After all, that faux gold has become a staple on the show:

"Tanning on the show has become legendary. It wouldn't be the same without it!"

True -- but how tan is too tan? Click below to see some of the uber-tanned women and men (ahem, Gavin DeGraw) of "Dancing With The Stars." Then head to Allure to read more from Cheryl's interview!