Dancing With the Tea Party

The Tea Party's greatest accomplishment, and Sarah Palin's victory lap, is not the midterm election of 2010, but the crowning of Bristol Palin as the winner of this season's edition of Dancing with the Stars. It's in the bag, as the organized ground swell of Tea Party phone calls keeps it alive, and she trips and grinds her way to the finish. Can she dance? Who cares? This is politics. Forget about ability, experience and qualifications: since when do they matter to them, as they continue to take America back, one fox trot and quickstep at a time.

Could it actually happen? You can bet SarahPAC, (or is that SarahPack, or Herd), has suspended operations and plans for 2012 to keep dialing and assure the November 23rd Facebook, Fox News, Twitter, Good Morning America, photo op of family values and "our kind of people" victorious. It is too perfect a confluence of mutual benefit to pass up: ABC with the ratings and Sarah, the ever present Hockey, Grizzly Dancing Mom, sitting nervously awaiting the coronation of America's favorite unwed mother as the queen of Terpsichore. A "you betcha" with a wink moment if there ever was one.

If you doubt it, just be watching as Sarah -- I'm not sure wearing what, or whether she'll be holding Trig -- embraces Bristol as she turns it into an aggrandizing moment for herself and the American people. It will be tricky to work in an attack on President Obama, maybe something down home like, "Lucky for Bristol that President Obama wasn't in the competition, because you know he's got rhythm." The evening will be all hers, and theirs, as once again the Tea Party movement is moved to mobilize for mediocrity over ability, fantasy over fact and rage over reality. They have something much more profound, an agenda and getting Sarah's kid the win is good for America, if not the world of dance.