Lakers Guard D'Angelo Russell Gets In Bizarre Clash During News Conference

The Lakers star pushed back against a staffer trying to set him straight on the rules in front of reporters.

Lakers guard D’Angelo Russell defied a staffer who tried to make him put away an unauthorized sports drink after the Los Angeles team’s NBA playoff game win over the weekend. (Watch the video below.)

Russell placed the beverage, Coco5, on the dais during a news conference, and the staffer asked him to take it off because it’s not partnered with the NBA. Russell snapped back that he had partners in the brand.

“You gonna have to fine me,” the player said, before the staffer took the bottle. “You gonna have to take it,” he added.

Russell, who reportedly makes about $30 million in salary this season, can probably afford whatever penalty may come his way. And he’ll likely be glad to pay it, given his ties to the coconut-water beverage.

Russell, who scored 17 points Saturday as the Lakers went up 2-1 in their series against the Memphis Grizzlies, continued to milk the moment. He repeated the brand name and asked for the bottle back afterward. He held up the container as the staffer escorted him out of the room, video from The Sporting Tribune’s Arash Markazi showed.

Of course, Coco5 didn’t mind the player going rogue.

“Dlo just promoted to Director of Marketing. Zero effs division,” the brand tweeted.

Russell’s stunt amused reporters, but not all fans found it funny.

“Talk about selfish timing,” one wrote.

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