Guerrilla Chalk Artists Transform Inspirational Quotes Into Random Works Of Art

If you're of the mind that chalk -- those tiny writing instruments made of calcium carbonate -- are a tool only kindergarten teachers and their pupils treasure, we'd like to introduce you to a guerrilla art collective that will change your mind.

Meet Dangerdust, an anonymous group of typography-loving students hailing from Ohio's Columbus College of Art & Design who prove chalkboards are as worthy a canvas as anything else.

We came across the works of Dangerdust earlier this year. This much we know of the design-savvy "vandals": They are two Advertising & Graphic Design students who opted to channel their frustration with school into a bit of extracurricular chalking... on any chalkboard they can get their hands on. "We are dangerous. Every week we take over CCAD's chalkboard. It's the best form of vandalism," they write on their Instagram.

“When you’re working on long extended projects for graphic design classes it’s easy to… lose motivation,” one member explained in a previous interview. “I think we’re tired of the computer, and [chalking] gives us motivation.”

Feast your eyes on Dangerdust's chalkboard masterpieces below and head over to their Instagram for more.



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