Dangerous Liaisons

Everyone loves a scandal. Media, news, paparazzi, TV junkies, celebrity enthusiasts, and the list goes on. There is something about a juicy piece of gossip that is undeniably irresistible. When it comes to scandals about celebrities, politicians, or notable figures, the thirst is seemingly unquenchable. Everyone wants to know the ins and outs, nooks and crannies, and all of the sordid details. It provides for hour upon hour of chatter, hypotheses, and conjectures. It can also bridge gaps and bring people closer together, but it can tear families, relationships, and sometimes-even nations apart too. Every day our televisions, newspapers, magazines and electronic devices are smeared and buzzed by the latest cringe worthy occurrence, and people eat it up with a spoon.

For those involved in the salacious activity, it is all about what angle you can spin. And Thursday nights on ABC's hit show Scandal, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and her crack team shows TV viewers exactly how to spin that angle in your favor. These "Gladiator In Suits" are your only hope when you're faced with your back against the wall. In a time of crisis, Olivia Pope & Associates is who you want to watch your back, trust no one else.

Huck (Guillermo Diaz) Quinn (Katie Lowes), Abby (Darby Stanchfield), Harrison (Columbus Short) are all an integral key member of Olivia's team. They follow Olivia blindly and each one possesses a special skill set that makes them such a special asset to the team. Harrison is a savvy litigator, Abby is an expert investigator, and Huck is a hacker extraordinaire. Quinn is just beginning to make her mark with the group and is learning the ropes through trial and error. Not everyone is who they seem though on the surface, and that is where Olivia keeps her edge and cut above the rest. Their past and their present help Olivia protect and keep the image of some of Washington, D.C.'s most elite names and keeping secrets under wraps.

Olivia has some of her own skeletons in her closet, which help propel other significant story lines throughout the show. Her close relationship with Fitz (played by the coolly sexy Tony Goldwyn), the President of the United States, is both an asset and liability for her. Their relationship began when she was working on his campaign for election, but sparks were quick to fly as the chemistry between the two became incredibly hard to deny. Unfortunately Fitz is a married man, and now holds the highest elected office in the nation. An affair began between Fitz and Olivia before his reign in office and their relationship comes with a lot of prices to pay, one of which is privacy. All eyes are perpetually on the President and there is always someone looking to either besmirch his name, or have him impeached. It is a hard line to tow and an even tougher uphill battle. Olivia is constantly in the line of fire and in season two that line became more of an inferno when her secret was exposed.

What makes Scandal such a sizzling show is that you root for every single character, good or bad. There is some underlying characteristic or quality that have you invested and wishing whatever circumstance they find themselves on will dissolve. Beyond that the actors themselves raise the bar every episode with their high caliber acting. Washington alone is a powerhouse of pure heat and smolder, but when you put her with Goldwyn it is as if the two illuminate. Goldwyn is charismatic and charming, but also devious and salacious, and you wouldn't want his performance any other way. Lowes is a breath of fresh air and packs on the passion with her portrayal of Quinn. In season two Quinn came under the tutelage of Huck, which ultimately awakened something dark inside of her, and left fans with mixed feelings. Diaz is cunning and sharp as Huck, a man you can't help wanting to know more about, but then once you do you may not like what you find. Diaz gives Huck an underlying sensitivity and humanity even when he makes the wrong choices. Stanchfield and Short are no slouches either! Stanchfield's character Abby may be rough around the edges, but she knows when to let down her guard and when to keep the walls she has built up standing tall. Short works hard and provides phenomenal support as Harrison. Harrison is level headed and strong, he is able to see the big picture, both Short and Harrison keep an eye on the prize. Harrison is Olivia's right hand man, and her biggest champion. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the man in the white hat, Joshua Malina as David Rosen is supreme! He is ballsy, brazen, and divinely snarky. You never know which Rosen you're going to get on a day to day basis, he'll either be fighting against Olivia or fighting alongside of her. Whichever Rosen you get, friend or foe, he is definitely not to be tangled with. Scandal is expertly cast as each member brings something special to the table and a major spark!

Thursday nights on ABC are incandescent and white hot with Scandal. Your heart will pound, your palms will sweat, and you'll ache for more. Thursdays will leave you with chills and you'll love every last sexy and saucy minute. It's time put your suit back on and prepare for battle.