Man Attaches 110 Helium Balloons To Lawn Chair, Floats Over Calgary

Man Attaches 110 Helium Balloons To Lawn Chair, Floats Over City

Here's an uplifting story... with a bumpy ending.

Canadian police said Daniel Boria took to the skies Sunday in a lawn chair with 110 helium balloons attached to it.

Boria, who told the CBC he's a skydiver, planned the stunt to advertise his cleaning products business in Calgary, Alberta.

He said he intended to drop in on the Calgary Stampede, an annual two-week rodeo, from the air.

However, the weather didn't cooperate. Boria told the Calgary Sun that strong winds pushed him off course, forcing him to parachute into a field about a mile from the grounds. The publication reports the balloons and chair were found Sunday evening.

Although the publicity stunt didn't go as planned, Boria said it was worth it.

"It was the most fun thing I've ever done," Boria told the Sun after he was released from jail Monday.

His stunt did not go unnoticed, as people snapped photos of Boria's lawn chair and shared them on social media.

The police also realized something was up. They detained Boria Sunday and charged him with mischief causing danger to life and mischief causing damage to property before releasing him.

Boria's lawn chair isn't the only airborne curiosity to grace Canadian skies this summer. In June, police in Winnipeg issued an apology after officers on a helicopter patrol inadvertently broadcast a sexually graphic conversation over the vehicle's public address system. Expletive-laden snippets of the cops' chatter were overheard by residents citywide.

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