Husband In Afghanistan, Wife In U.S., Create Amazing Christmas Card 7,000 Miles Apart

One military couple separated in person but not in spirit came up with a creative way to be together this holiday season -- and the result is pretty adorable.

Sgt. Daniel Perdue is currently deployed in Afghanistan while his wife, Christina Perdue, awaits his homecoming in Westchester County, New York. But by each holding up half of a Christmas card, the pair combined to create one whole “Merry Christmas" greeting for friends and family.

On her Facebook page, Christina Perdue said that their family "may not get to be together for the holiday but we still manage to come together with our holiday photo," according to Yahoo! News. "After searching for ideas we came across this one and thought it was perfect! I hope you all enjoy!”

Perdue told Yahoo! that because this was her husband's last deployment, the couple wanted to "make [the card] epic." After finding the idea online, Perdue said she sent her husband his half of the poster board along with instructions for how to pose. She then used an iPhone app to digitally combine the photos.

“Out of the five years, I’ve had him home for two. I’m just excited for him to be home,” she told Yahoo!. “Deployments, no matter how many you go through, don’t get easier.”

Speaking with local ABC affiliate WABC via Skype, Sgt. Perdue said the card -- and the couple's message of support for soldiers deployed around the world -- has been an instant hit.

"We just wanted to show that no distance can get in the way of love and we wanted to show the support of our brothers and sisters in arms, and that nobody forgets them this holiday season," Perdue told WABC. "Our family loved it, all our friends love it, everyone has been sharing it all across the internet."



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