Daniel Craig Shuts Down Reporter Who Tells Him To Pout

"I think you should move on."

Daniel Craig just endured one of the most cringeworthy interviews we've seen in a while. (It might even top that terrible Cara Delevingne morning show incident ... )

While promoting the latest "Bond" film on ITV's "This Morning" on Thursday, entertainment reporter Sarah Powell asked the 47-year-old actor to pout for her. Yes, pout. 

"The Daniel Craig pout: Are you familiar with it? Do you know what I'm talking about?" she asked. 

"Not really, no," responded Craig.

But Powell wouldn't let it go. She continues to prod him, saying, "Go on, show me it. Show me it," and "Do me a little pout!"   

But then Craig, already seeming unimpressed by her line of questioning, simply said, "I think you need to move on." 

Ouch. Shut. Down.

And if that weren't cringeworthy enough, Powell also asked Craig why he didn't "strip off" as much in "Spectre" versus in the other films, reports the Daily Mail.

"There's no swimwear, there's no tearing of the shirt off. What happened? Why haven't you got your kit off?" she said. 


Viewers of the show were also unimpressed with Powell, calling her "childish" and "undermining," and dubbing the interview the worst ever.

While we totally agree that the interview was terrible, we'd just like to take a minute to point out that these are the types of questions women often get asked while promoting their films. Maybe Powell was just trying to (unsuccessfully) level the playing field. But if nothing else, at least this clip shows just how silly some of these questions really are. 

So, how about everyone starts asking about things that don't revolve solely around appearance and sex appeal? Deal? 

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