Only One Other Actor Sipped '007' Martinis Longer Than Daniel Craig

Craig is officially the second longest-serving James Bond.

The name’s Craig, Daniel Craig.

The 48-year-old actor is now cinema’s second longest-serving James Bond, acting in four Bond films. He’s played the role for 4,147 days (almost 12 years), beginning his tenure in October 2005.

Roger Moore is currently the longest-serving 007, playing the character for 5,118 days and starring in seven Bond films.

Pierce Brosnan is in third place (4,146 days), while the OG 007, Sean Connery, is fourth (3,049 days). Actors Timothy Dalton (2,863 days) and George Lazenby (875 days) round out the franchise’s history at five and six, respectively.

The strange rankings were compiled by the Press Association and count from the day each actor was officially confirmed as James Bond. The final day tallied is the date each successor is formally announced.

Luke MacGregor / Reuters

Craig made headlines when he announced in 2015 that he’d “rather break this glass and slit my wrists” than do another Bond film. The next Bond is currently unknown, though there is a chance a woman could be cast.

“Sure, yeah, definitely. I think it’s a great idea. If it works, it works,” he told Bustle of the possibility of a female Bond. “That’s the great thing about film is it’s all about imagination so of course it could happen ... Anything’s possible.”

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