CNN Fact-Checker Spells Out The Stark Truth Of Donald Trump's Post-Election Lies

"This is a new lying level even for him," said Daniel Dale.

The truth of the matter is that President Donald Trump has taken his lying to the next level since his 2020 election defeat, CNN’s fact-checking reporter Daniel Dale said on Wednesday.

“Basically nothing the president is saying is true,” tweeted Dale.

“People say ‘what else is new,’ but this is a new lying level even for him,” Dale continued. “He’s barely even bothering to sprinkle in some accurate and arguable claims.”

“It’s almost all false all the time,” Dale said.

Trump has falsely claimed victory and has refused to acknowledge his defeat to President-elect Joe Biden. The outgoing president has lashed out on Twitter multiple times to spread conspiracy theories attempting to undermine the election.

Twitter has applied so many “this claim about election fraud is disputed” labels to Trump’s feed that it has become a mocking meme.

The Washington Post’s running tally of Trump’s lies showed that by September, he had topped 22,500 falsehoods during his time in office.

Dale has called out Trump’s untruths often, exposing the president’s “bombardment of dishonesty” during the final presidential debate and his “lie that won’t die.”

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