Daniel Day-Lewis' First Oscar: 'Lincoln' Actor Won In 1990 For 'My Left Foot' (PHOTO)

Sunday evening's Academy Awards won't be Daniel Day-Lewis' first rodeo.

Lewis first hit the red carpet at the Oscars in 1990, when he took home the award for Best Actor for his performance in 1989's "My Left Foot." Day-Lewis sported quite a different look at the show, rocking shoulder-length brown locks and a bow tie. Take a look at his 1990 look below.

daniel daylew first oscars

Day-Lewis is up for Best Actor again this year for her portrayal of Abraham Lincoln in "Lincoln." The film was nominated for a total of 12 awards, including Best Picture, Best Director for Steven Spielberg, Best Supporting Actor for Tommy Lee Jones, and Best Supporting Actress for Sally Field.

Day-Lewis has maintained a consistent presence at the Academy Awards, receiving a nomination for Best Actor in 1994 for "In the Name of the Father" and 2003 for "Gangs of New York," and winning Best Actor in 2008 for "There Will Be Blood."

Oscar Nominees 2013
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