Daniel Gray Builds Colorful Igloo That's Truly Unbelievable (PHOTOS)


The colder weather certainly does leave people with more times on their hands. But one man wasn’t going to sit back and watch reruns of “This Old House” like some of us, instead he found an awesome way to utilize it.

Daniel Gray has built an igloo made from 500 colorful ice bricks, making this a truly magnificent structure. Gray, who is from New Zealand, built the icey shelter in Canada while visiting his girlfriend Kathleen Starrie. "My girlfriend's mother had a brilliant idea of building an igloo and thought it would keep me busy, away from her daughter in some respect,” Gray told the Global Edmonton.

So just how did Gray build this amazing igloo? Well, it all started back in October when Starrie began collecting hundreds of milk cartons and filling them with colored water. The cartons were then frozen to create the bricks. Gray used snow and water to hold the bricks together. "(It) is just snow and water but, it sticks really well to the ice," Gray told the paper. "The snowcrete just shaped and moulded however you wanted so it made it possible."

It took the couple five days to finish and now the structure is occupying Starrie’s parents' backyard. And even when the negative 25 degree weather made it seem impossible to continue assembling, Gray told paper he had no choice but to carry on. "Once I started building it, it was something I just really wanted to finish, because you can't just leave something like that unfinished," said Gray.

Gray posted photos of the colorful igloo on Reddit and within a few hours he has already received more than 10,000 views. And in true Reddit fashion, this story has become a dirty joke with commenters hoping Gray and Starrie “consummated” the igloo.

Regardless, of all that, we think this is one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen. Click through our slideshow to see photos of the igloo. And head over to the Global Edmonton and Reddit for more information.

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