Daniel Huwiler and Oswald Jonas, Teens From Switzerland, Attempt To Break World Domino Record (VIDEO)

Daniel Huwiler and Oswald Jonas, two 14-year-olds from Switzerland, are trying to set a new world record for the longest wall of toppling dominoes -- and it looks like they may just do it.

According to The Local, the teens used a total of 41,680 dominoes to build a wall that is 38 meters (about 124 feet) long. Daniel and Oswald worked 10 hours a day for one week and plan on knocking down their dominoes on Saturday.

“If a single domino budges before that day, everything will collapse,” Daniel told 20 Minutes.

The current record holder for the longest domino wall in the Guinness Book of World Records is a group called Sinners Domino Production from Germany. They used 31,405 dominoes to build a 30 meter (about 98 feet) long wall, and have held their record since June 2012.

In other unique world record-breakers, back in May, high school students from New Jersey set a new world record for building the largest pyramid constructed out of cans. According to Yahoo! News, the teens collected over 25,000 cans and about 20,000 of them were donated by a local ShopRite. After they finished the project, all of the cans were donated to victims of Hurricane Sandy.

According to DodgeGlobe.com, another group of teens from Kansas also tried to build the world's largest snowball. After a snow storm in March, Logan Durler, Hunter Stephenson and Rock Strecker Jr. did some research online and built a snowball 7 feet 7 inches tall and 25 feet in circumference.

Check out the current record holders for the world's longest domino wall in the video above and tell us, what world record would YOU like to break? Tell us in the comments or tweet at @HuffPostTeen.



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