Daniel Peltz Creating Perfume Made From Glass Blowers' Sweat

Perfume From Sweat? That's One Artist's Stinky Plan

A new perfume is sure to raise a stink from fashionistas because it's going to be made from sweat.

Not just any sweat, mind you, but the sweat from Swedish glass blowers.

Peltz, who summers in Rejmyre, Sweden, came up with the concept of collecting the sweat of glass blowers and turning it into perfume after noticing every piece of glass work produced at the local glass factory contained a little sweat from its creator.

"The glass blower's sweat and work is something that tourists appreciate when they come here and look," he said, according to UPI. "So for me there isn't such a huge difference in selling the glass-blower's sweat and the finished glass."

Peltz has put a little sweat of his own into the concept, according to the Swedish website TheLocal.se.

"It is sweat which I have refined in a secret recipe," he told the website.

No word when Peltz' perfume will be available, but he's got the support of glass workers like Elin Jonsson, who admitted that the concept was "very different."

"We normally strive after perfection, now it was about the process," Jonsson told Norrköpings Tidning, a Swedish language newspaper.

Sweat may sound like a stinky product for a perfume, but fragrance makers rely on all sorts of bizarre ingredients, such as ambergris, a form of whale vomit that is used to extend the shelf life of perfumes.

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