Daniel Radcliffe's Flaunt Fantasy Shoot Is Even More Imaginative Than 'Harry Potter' (PHOTOS)

Harry Potter is alive and well, people. Need proof? Check out this Flaunt Magazine spread.

Daniel Radcliffe has come a long way since his days playing The Boy Who Lived, stretching his acting chops with edgy roles on Broadway and in the forthcoming "Kill Your Darlings." Still, the 24-year-old has returned to his magical roots for a surrealist-inspired fashion shoot that borrows far more from the fantasy world than "Potter" films ever did.

Daniel's dressed as quite the dandy on the cover in a velvet green blazer, patterned tie and patterned shirt. [Ed. note: Did Simon Doonan inspire this outfit?] Inside, he's disembodied, a floating, cracked head hovering above abstract patterns, landscapes and whorls. You can take the man out of Hogwarts, but you can't take the Hogwarts out of the man, eh?


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Daniel Radcliffe's Style Evolution

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