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Daniel Radcliffe Sounds Off On Why British Men 'Seem Gay'

Daniel Radcliffe has an explanation as to why some Americans might think all British men "seem gay."

While performing in "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying," a chorus member tried to set up Radcliffe's bisexual female hairdresser with his gay British singing teacher.

"I said, 'Did you not know Mark was gay?' And he said, 'To be honest, all English people I meet seem gay, so I just assume none of you are,'" Radcliffe revealed to Out.com.

With his curiosity piqued, the actor went on to inquire why some Americans might think all British guys "seem gay."

"... One of the girls explained to me it was because American men feel the need to in some way assert a sense of masculinity in everything they do, and British men don’t feel the same compulsion to do that all the time," the London-born actor told Out.com.

Radcliffe has been the subject of gay rumors since catapulting to stardom after the "Harry Potter" series.

"The papers used to say I had a gay face, whatever that is, or a gay voice but it simply wasn’t true," he told the Daily Express in March, according to Pink News. "[But] when you know a gay guy has a crush on you, it’s the most flattering thing.”

The 23-year-old actor does expand his sexual horizons in the new John Krokidas-directed film, "Kill Your Darlings." The film, about a 1944 murder that brings together the three greatest poets of the beat generation, features a steamy gay sex scene.

Radcliffe's sex scene with Dane DeHaan might have been all the talk at the Sundance Film Festival, but the actor thinks people are only shocked because it's "Harry Potter" doing the deed.

"It’s shocking by the sheer fact that it’s me," he told Esquire. "Otherwise, it’s entirely unshocking that I’m playing Allen Ginsberg in a film about self and sexual discovery, and there’s a sex scene."

Continuing, "As my costar Dane DeHaan said, people are often attracted to each other and people who are attracted to each other often want to have sex. I’m just happy that it’s a well-done scene. John had never seen the version of that scene that he wanted: gay sex in a film that felt very real."

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