Daniel Radcliffe's 'Harry Potter' Audition Is Pure Magic

We solemnly swear that this is hella good.

You're an actor, Daniel.

Daniel Radcliffe was sent his original "Harry Potter" audition tape recently and reportedly found it a little hard to watch, but you'll probably be stupefied as to why. One of Radcliffe's audition tapes is flying around the Internet faster than a Nimbus 2000, and the future Boy Who Lived totally kills it. We're talking this audition is Avada Kedavra-level dead.

As if you need more proof magic exists, there's also a screen test floating around with the original trio talking about Nicolas Flamel and Snape's supposed evil plans. (Wow, we were all so naive.)

It might be time to make a real Sorcerer's Stone so we can watch these forever.

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