Daniel Radcliffe Fails As A Receptionist In Hidden-Camera Prank

"I'm not sure if I can help you out right now"

Someone tell Daniel Radcliffe not to quit his day job.

The 25-year-old "Harry Potter" star was put to work as a receptionist at the offices of Nylon magazine in New York as part of a hidden-camera prank.

And it seems like his office skills need a little work. 

"I received no phone calls during that hour, which was strange," an anonymous Nylon staffer wrote in the video description on YouTube. "And a package that was supposedly delivered to the office for me never made it to my desk."

He was also stumped when someone asked him for stamps.

"I'm not sure if I can help you out right now," he said, after looking around the desk. "You might want to come back when someone more experienced is working here."

Many seemed to know they were dealing with the film and stage star, and went along with it. But a few people genuinely seemed unaware, and some walked by without so much as a glance. 

He even got a visit from another celebrity -- who wasn't exactly impressed by his work. 

Check it out in the clip above.


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