Daniel Radcliffe Talks 'How To Succeed In Business,' Tonys, New York Life In Time Out New York

Amidst all the very deserved fanfare over the final chapter in the epic "Harry Potter" saga, a little side project of star Daniel Radcliffe, a little distraction of passion and work of love, tends to get brushed aside.

Called "How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying," it's this silly old musical production staged in New York. Perhaps you've heard of it?

All kidding aside, it's almost impossible to settle on just one subject of conversation with the legendary boy wizard, an impressive credit given that he's currently promoting the finale of the most financially successful film franchise of all time. Actually, despite its global phenomenon status, the Harry Potter role is old hat for Radcliffe, a part of his being after over a decade wearing the round spectacles and robes.

On the other hand, performing live -- not to mention singing and dancing -- well, that's a bit more of a challenge at this point. True, the worldwide stage is nothing new to him, but being on it live, well, that's a whole different issue.

"The Tony Awards, when we performed this year... I had not been that nervous in years," Radcliffe tells Time Out New York in their new issue. "I don't think I was that nervous on our first night of doing the show. There's that moment when you're all standing behind this huge LED screen, and suddenly you're revealed like prizes on a game show, and Al Pacino is ten feet from you, and Mark Rylance and Bobby Cannavale and Sutton Foster and all these huge people...it's f*cking terrifying. [laughs] But it was a huge thrill to perform there."

In truth, Radcliffe had a sympathetic audience, as it was an upset that he wasn't nominated for an award for his lead role in the show.

"The thing that shocked me was everybody else's reaction to me, and how they started treating me -- because it was like I lost a relative," he said back in March. "In my opinion, it was sweet, but over the top. People would ask me, 'Are you OK?' And I'd go, 'I'm really OK!'"

His successful performance proved it -- watch it below!

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