Daniel Radcliffe Has Probably Traveled Through Time Just To Mess With Us All

Are we sure time-turners don't exist? Because Daniel Radcliffe looks an awful lot like the men and women in these old-timey photos unearthed by people on Reddit.

For a man who once wore the same outfit for months just to mess with the paparazzi, we wouldn't put it past him to pull a prank of this scale -- if, you know, magic were real. Which it's not. Probably.

We'll have to wait for October to roll around for his next onscreen performance, but maybe there's another yellowing snapshot in an old shoebox tucked away in someone's attic waiting to be discovered before then.

"Not-Daniel Radcliffe" was really living it up in the past ...

Listening to some jams in the 1940s.

Reddit user gaztruman posted this supposedly 70-year-old photo of a crowd at Band on the Wall Manchester, a music venue.

Kidding around with some pals.

Reddit user microwavetea posted this photo, captioned "My grandma is a time-traveling Daniel Radcliffe." That guy in the middle did not get the joke.

Making the most of those golden high-school days.

Pictured above with a wee Andy Samberg, Reddit user tackytick says they found this photo in an old yearbook from 1978.

Looking prim and proper with a string of pearls -- and some very familiar glasses.

Reddit user gurbla posted this photo of a respectable gentlewoman.

And posing prettily for the camera.

According to Reddit user Waldenponds16, this is lady is a prostitute in the 1800s. All we see is Harry having some fun.

Victoria Justice & Nina Dobrev

Whoa, Doppelgängers

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