Karen Elson Told She 'Needs To Get Raped' After Condemning Daniel Tosh Rape Joke

Karen Elson Told She 'Needs To Get Raped'

In case you've been sunning yourself on an Internet-free tropical isle for the past couple weeks, comedian Daniel Tosh has caused a heat wave of controversy after telling a heckler she should get raped by five guys ("Wouldn't it be funny?") at one of his shows.

British supermodel and musician Karen Elson joined a host of others in condemning Tosh's joke, taking to her Twitter to say, "Daniel Tosh didn't get the memo that [rape] never was and never will be funny." (She appears to have deleted the tweet since.)

The 33-year-old model and mother of two soon received a flood of responses, most positive, but some that were downright disturbing. One Twitter user even replied: "@KarenElson_ Needs to be raped, she might lighten up after getting some for once."

YIKES. Elson obviously recoiled, tweeting later, "People's comments to my Daniel Tosh tweet are shocking. Guess we're in the dark ages" and "Until you have walked in a woman's shoes and have to walk in a world were being sexually harassed is common you may understand my point." She then said she was "over Twitter," but thankfully, online encouragers convinced her to come back, as she wrote, "Thanks for all the support today! I got sucked into a vortex but thankfully I got out. Enough said."

Stand strong, Karen! At least you have people like Mickey Boardman watching your back.

See some of the tweets from Elson and others below.

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