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Unsuspecting Woman Finds 3-Inch Leech Living In Nose (PHOTO)


At leech she nose it’s gone now.

Daniela Liverani, 24, had a 3-inch leech in her nose for a month, totally unbeknownst to her, the Daily Record reported Sunday.


When the Edinburgh woman began experiencing nosebleeds while traveling for a month in Vietnam, she thought she must have just burst a blood vessel, after falling off a motorcycle.

She also would sometimes see something sticking out of her nostril, but figured it was just "congealed blood," according to the Record.

Liverani said when she would see the reddish mass hanging out, she "just sniffed him back up.”

A few days after she returned to Scotland, she looked in the mirror to examine the inside of her nose, and realized that what was inside was no ordinary blood clot. It was a 3-inch-long leech, about as wide as a thumb.

Doctors at Edinburgh’s Royal Infirmary were able to pull the leech out.

Leeches aren’t all bad, but they’re always terrifying to discover secretly lurking in bodily orifices. Just ask Tao Jiayuan, a Chinese boy who, in 2011, suffered from a sore throat that turned out to be a 4-inch leech living in his windpipe.

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