Danielle Fishel Shares Prom Advice For Teens In YouTube Series (VIDEO)

For anyone who has ever wanted to ask Topanga from "Boy Meets World" for love advice, we have the next best thing for you: an adorable video series for teens starring Danielle Fishel.

The actress -- who will be reprising the role of Topanga in the upcoming series "Girl Meets World" -- answered questions about dating and prom on PopSugar's YouTube series, Girl's Guide. Watch above.

One viewer asked: "I want to ask the boy I like to prom, do you think it's too forward?"

Fishel explained that it's not too forward for a girl to ask out her own prom date and told viewers she did the asking when she was a senior in high school. Her boyfriend at the time was *NSYNC's Lance Bass, and she wanted to make sure her big night fit into his schedule.

"It is always okay for a girl to ask a boy to prom," Fishel said. "And you never know, you might just find yourself in the arms of Harry Styles."