Daniel Radcliffe To Play Allen Ginsberg In 'Kill Your Darlings'

Looks like Jesse Eisenberg won't be playing yet another character who shares his last four surname letters after all. Twitch reports Daniel Radcliffe will replace Eisenberg as Allen Ginsberg in the 2012 gay-themed drama "Kill Your Darlings." The plot circles the friendship between Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and Lucien Carr, a key member of the Columbia Beat movement who fell out after killing his lover, David Kammerer.

There's no update as yet on the fate of Chris Evans and Ben Whishaw, the actors originally attached as Kerouac and Carr respectively. There is, however, a handy new explanation for all that poetry Dan Radcliffe's been writing.

In the meantime, check out another recent film representation of Ginsberg by -- who else? -- James Franco: