DaniLeigh's Problematic Single 'Yellow Bone' Reveals Depth Of Colorism In The Music Industry

Journalist and culture critic Ivie Ani joins the hosts of HuffPost's "And That's That!" podcast to discuss the controversial song.
Hosts Ja’han Jones, Taryn Finley and Shaquille Romblay
Hosts Ja’han Jones, Taryn Finley and Shaquille Romblay
Photo: Damon Dahlen

Colorism is centuries old, yet some folks wanna act brand new.

Singer DaniLeigh dropped a Triller video of her bopping to her latest single “Yellow Bone” on Sunday. In the song, she expresses her man’s love for “yellow bones,” a very problematic way to describe light-skinned women. Not only was the song terrible, but it was drenched in colorist language.

After people on social media called her out, the Dominican singer issued an apology that made it clear that she didn’t understand why her song was offensive and feeding into a colorist and misogynistic system.

Journalist Ivie Ani joins hosts Ja’han Jones, Taryn Finley and Shaquille Romblay to break down colorism in music and entertainment and how it is specifically dangerous to Black women.

Listen to the full episode below.

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