Danish Royal Ballet Implicated In Cocaine Scandal

Revelations of extensive drug abuse are rocking one of the worlds oldest and most respected ballet companies, the Royal Danish Ballet.

A secret internal report of the company members' use of drugs, particularly cocaine, was leaked to the Danish press, and since then several disgusted dancers have quit the company. The scandal is centered around the Danish Royal Ballet's artistic director Nikolaj Hübbe's allegedly serious cocaine problem, although the report censors almost all of the passages refering to Hübbe.

The translated second paragraph of the leaked report notes “escalating drug abuse problems among dancers over the past two years, among these escalating problems with cocaine abuse. It is important to emphasize here that people not employed by the ballet, but with various connections to the ballet, have also reported rising concerns about the escalating drug abuse problems.”

A Google translation of Danish news source BT reveals that when surveyed, "only 12 out of 55 dancers [were] happy to work at the Royal Ballet. They believe that management is behaving unprofessionally and not taking [...] care of [the] dancers."

Though Hübbe offered to take a urine test to prove that he's drug-free, his boss, Erik Jacobsen, the head of the Royal Danish Theatre, declined his offer.

Despite all of this bad press, it was recently announced that Hübbe would be joining the Danish version of the British reality tv hit "Strictly Come Dancing" as a judge.

For Danish-speakers, read the full report here.