Dannijo, The Queens Of Jewelry, Tell Us What We Need This Spring

When sisters Danielle Snyder and Jodie Snyder Morel launched DANNIJO in 2008, they revised the jewelry game with arm parties and statement necklaces alike. Since then, we've been obsessed with finding the perfect accessories that match our personal styles and tastes, which these ladies encourage with their unique jewels.

Now that spring is finally here (well, sort of) we've definitely been on the prowl for the best accessories on the market, and we thought what would be better than getting some shopping advice straight from the jewelry queens themselves. Danielle and Jodie gave us the pleasure of providing some spring trend realness for all of us who need to know how to navigate this gem-frenzied season.

The biggest jewelry trends for spring are...

After a harsh winter, it's time we bust out the light, breezy clothes and accessories -- and the sisters of DANNIJO agree. We're pretty much craving everything on their list, which includes "chokers, white, '60s florals, layered dainty rings, charm necklaces and ear cuffs," Snyder and Morel say.

Of course, the first thing we did after they said that was scour the Internet for these items, and here's what we found:

Additionally, the girls mentioned that if you have to buy any piece right now it would be a choker, because don't we all love updates of our former '90s splendor?

But there's one craze they wish would go away.

Danielle and Jodie encapsulated their least favorite trend in one word: "neon." Not going to lie, we love a good bright pink or green, but we agree that neon can't be the trend of all trends FOREVER -- or can it?

If you want a more vintage vibe, there's just one tip you need to remember:

When you walk into that consignment shop, try not to get a headache from the stressful event that is vintage shopping. "Jewelry is such a personal thing. If you feel a connection to it, then go for it," the sisters say. We love that solid advice because if you think about it, you only want something that stays true to your style. But, we also love getting recommendations from others, so do you and look beautiful while doing it.

Speaking of which, don't think that arm parties and stacking are out of practice!

Just when you thought that stacking your jewelry was a fashion faux pas, Danielle and Jodie are here to prove you wrong. "For some people more is more and for others less is more. It's such a subjective thing which is why it's so fun," Snyder and Snyder Morel say.

So if you're into a more minimalist palette or brilliant hues all around, don't be afraid to delve into your creative abilities.

And of course, we couldn't talk to the DANNIJO owners without asking about sisterhood.

Working with your sister is just like you would expect.

When you have a close confidant like your sibling, there's bound to be an all-around good vibe. "We just get each other on another level and I really think it gives the brand an edge," Danielle explains, which we imagine is pretty rewarding in the long run.

But, like all sisters, they fight. "We're human, but nothing ever lasts more than a few minutes and it's over and we're back to being best friends," Jodie says.

With two different minds, Danielle and Jodie's respective imaginations both get a role in their collections.

Sometimes individual styles can collaborate well or harshly clash, but the Snyder sisters make it work. "Jodie has a more classic sensibility while I'm a bit more bohemian rock 'n' roll inspired," says Danielle, adding "We both love an eclectic range which is why we can always find a happy medium."

But they're not the only ones that inspire the rings, necklaces and bracelets. Their friends, like Man Repeller's Leandra Medine, are also a part of the vision process for DANNIJO. "All of our friends have in some way influenced the direction of the collection. They're all muses of sorts," they say -- so much that they even get their own lines, like the Fine by Dannijones collection with Rashida Jones.

Well, what are you waiting for, it's time to get your cards and cash out and start your much-needed accessories haul. And if you were inspired by this post, check out Danielle and Jodie's creations over on DANNIJO.

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