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Danny DeLaRosa, Texas Man, Returns $7,000 He Found In A Bag On The Street (VIDEO)

It's an age-old dilema: If one finds a large sum of money, does one keep it or turn it in?

While some may not know how they'd react, the answer was simple for Danny DeLaRosa, who found a bag containing $7,000 on the side of the road in Alvin, Texas, KPRC TV reports.

After finding the cash, DeLaRosa gave it to his boss, who later returned the bag to its rightful owner -- a doughnut shop owner who had put the bag on top of his car and accidentally driven off before taking it down.

For DeLaRosa, returning the bag was a no-brainer; he told his boss that keeping the money would not have been worth losing his honor, according to CNN.

Last year, a man returned about $30 dollars he stole from a Seattle Sears store in the 1940s, the Associated Press reported.

Store manager Gary Lorenston said at the time he thought the man's conscience must have been bothering him for the past 60 years. Paying forward the good deed, the store decided to donate the money to needy families in the area.

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