Ellen's Epic Surprise For Two Boys Who Took On Grade School Bullies

We first met 6-year-old Danny Keefe last month, when his football team in Bridgewater, Mass., celebrated "Danny Appreciation Day."

Danny, who is the team's water coach, has a speech condition as a result of a brain hemorrhage that occurred when he was a newborn. That condition, along with his habit of wearing a suit jacket and tie to school, led kids to make fun of him. But his team's quarterback, fifth-grader Tommy Cooney, wouldn't stand for the bullying. So he organized a day where the entire team dressed up like Danny.

When Ellen DeGeneres heard the story, she knew she simply had to meet Danny and Tommy. In the clip above, she sits down with the pair -- and has some serious surprises in store.

See how DeGeneres rewards Danny's bravery and Tommy's good deed in the segment above. You won't be disappointed.

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