Strangers Send Sacks Of Cards To Boy With Cancer, Prove Birthday Wishes Do Come True

Hundreds upon hundreds of people around the world are pitching in to make 5-year-old Danny Nickerson’s birthday wish come true.

Nickerson, of Foxborough, Massachusetts, has an inoperable brain tumor, and doctors have told his family that he may not have many more months to live. His family is therefore all the more determined to ensure that his upcoming birthday is as special as it possibly can be.

Earlier this month, his mom, Carley, took to Facebook to send out a plea for her son. She said he loves receiving mail and asked if friends would be willing to send a card to him for his sixth birthday.

Not only are friends clamoring to send the boy cards and birthday gifts, but strangers from all around the world are doing their part to make Danny Nickerson's special day that much brighter.

Over the last few weeks, hundreds of cards and packages have poured in from all across the country. Nickerson's mom wrote on Facebook Saturday that they'd received more than 340 cards so far.

“We are so shocked,” she wrote. “We are so lucky and blessed to have all of you on this journey with us! Thank you so much for all the love, support and prayers."

On Sunday, The Sun Chronicle reported that local high schoolers made birthday cards and held a car wash fundraiser for Nickerson. As his story goes viral, Redditors from all across the globe have been joining forces as well to make Nickerson's birthday wish come true. Many have vowed to send cards, while others are planning on sending special gifts to the boy.

After Nickerson's mom told ABC News that her son loves both LEGO and Super Mario (“I wish Lego makes Super Mario toys,” she mused. “That would really make him happy”), at least two Redditors have promised to send him custom-made Mario LEGO figurines.

Nickerson was diagnosed last year with an inoperable brain tumor known as a Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. According to the Boston’s Children Hospital website, these are “highly aggressive and difficult-to-treat brain tumors found at the base of the brain.”

Doctors told Nickerson's family that less than 10 percent of children diagnosed with DIPGs live longer than 18 months, per ABC. Nickerson now undergoes chemotherapy every two weeks.

But through their pain and worry, Nickerson's mom says they’re focusing on the positives.

"Every day is a blessing to us," she told the Foxboro Reporter last week.

If you'd like to send Danny a card, here's the address the family has provided:
Danny Nickerson
PO Box 212
Foxboro, MA 02035

To find out more about Nickerson and how you can help, visit his family's GoFundMe fundraising page, here.

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