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Danny Parmertor's Parents, Dina And Bob Parmertor, Speak Out On 'Today'

Just two days after teenager T.J. Lane opened fire at Chardon High School in Ohio, parents of victim Danny Parmertor, 16, spoke out on the "Today" show to remember their son and to thank the community for their support.

Parmertor was airlifted to a nearby hospital Monday morning after being shot at a cafeteria table. Doctors were trying to save him with ventilation tubes and CPR when his parents arrived, but he was declared brain-dead not long after.

Dina and Bob Parmertor say Danny was a happy kid. "(He) never caused trouble, and he was always fun to be around. We just loved him," Bob told Ann Curry. He had just landed his first job at a bowling alley and was excited about collecting his first paycheck. His parents said they might not cash that check, but rather bury it with their son.

The Paremertors, who were holding back tears throughout the interview, said the others killed in the shootings -- Demetrius Hewlin, 16, and Russell King Jr., 17 -- were friends of Danny's. They don't think any of the three knew T.J. Lane, or that they were specifically targeted. "They're just innocent victims," Bob said.

Danny's mom, Dina, said the overwhelming support from her community has been helpful. "Like everyone always says, 'It doesn't happen here,'" Dina said. "'It doesn’t happen to me,' and it did. I don’t think we could get through it without the families, the community, and people we don't know, strangers," she said.