Danny Pintauro Clarifies Tony Danza's 'Disappointed' Comment: 'He's Worried About Me More Than Anything'

The "Who's The Boss" star publicly announced this week that he's been HIV-positive for the past 12 years.

Danny Pintauro opened up about his HIV diagnosis and battle with meth addiction in a bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey this past Sunday, but before baring his soul to the American public, the actor had to inform Tony Danza and Judith Light, his former onscreen parents from "Who's The Boss."

The actor told E! News that telling his co-stars from the popular '80s sitcom was "hard, just like telling my family was hard," and said Danza vocalized "disappointment." But "Who's The Boss" fans will be relieved to know that the father-son pair are all good, as Pintauro was contacted by Danza days later to issue his well-wishes and support, the actor revealed to HuffPost Live on Friday.

"He actually emailed me because he heard that I had said that [he was disappointed], and he wanted to clarify that he's worried about me more than anything," Pintauro told host Nancy Redd.

The child star said he didn't fault Danza's original reaction, however.

"The disappointment is a given. I know that's going to happen. It's fatherly disappointment, to all of a sudden find out your child has a drug problem that you didn't know about -- that's disappointing," he admitted. 

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