Danny Trejo Plays Marcia Brady In A Snickers Ad, And It Makes Perfectly Hilarious Sense

Now this is whimsical casting: Rugged-faced actor Danny Trejo plays Marcia Brady in Snickers' Super Bowl teaser ad.

In the clip, which continues the candy bar's "You're Not You When You're Hungry" campaign, Trejo hilariously reimagines the eldest "The Brady Bunch" sister, who would brush her long blond locks in front of the mirror 100 times each night. But Trejo, of "Machete" and other tough guy movie and TV fare, isn't quite so girly -- Marcia is hungry, and that hunger has morphed her into a scarier self.

The teaser was released to promote Snickers' upcoming Super Bowl ad, set to air during the first quarter on Feb. 1.

"It's not everyday that my agent calls and says I've been asked to play Marcia Brady," Trejo said in a press release.

H/T AdWeek