Danous Estenor, USF Offensive Lineman, Lifts Car To Save Man's Life

Danous Estenor, sophomore offensive lineman for the University of South Florida, was just stopping by a restaurant on campus when he heard a woman screaming for help across the parking lot.

According to Greg Auman of the St. Petersburgh Times, Pedro Arzola, a 34-year-old tow truck driver and father of four, was pinned under the back tire of a car that had "lurched forward as he worked underneath it" on a Thursday night in February.

That's when the 295-pound Estenor ran over to save the day:

"I just see his legs," said Estenor, 21, a child of Haitian immigrants from Palm Beach. "The car is crushing him. He's not moving. I'm thinking, 'Oh, God, this guy is going to die.' "

"I tried to lift the car, and when I first tried, it didn't budge. I backed up. I don't know. But I felt this energy come, and I lifted it. I don't know how, but somebody pulled him from the car."

The 1990 Cadillac Seville reportedly weighed 3,500 pounds.

Arzola suffered cuts, bruises and a dislocated shoulder.

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