Dante's Hell, ADD, Fridges and Other Fripperies

Geezers, do not despair. If you think your memory is thinning, think of it this way: a thinning memory means you are probably moving much more nowadays: up-and-down stairs, room-to-room, inside-outside, looking under, over, around trying to remember where you put the (FILL IN THE BLANKS.) And you're also probably dropping things more now. That's good too because, normally, you wouldn't be exercising so much - up-and-down down, up-and-down, up-and-down.
Angry people draw from a vast vocrabulary.
Your refrigerator is history. In the late 20th century, home refrigerators became the family gallery of not-ready-for-primetime photos, emergency phone numbers, kids' drawings, coupons, recipes, calendars and aphorisms. If you grew up in the 1950s, your fridge - or if you're older - your icebox, was white and clutter-free.
It also was slightly curved in the front which made it inhospitable as a hanging space. Then along came flat fridges.

We simply could not ignore the blank surface. Something else was needed to transform our food caves into family galleries - MAGNETS! Magnets were things we marveled at as kids but had no significant place in our daily lives. Feeling the pull of opportunity, manufacturers began offering a host of small fridge magnets for adults: photo-frame magnets, ladybug magnets, clippy magnets. A whole new canvass became available.

Refrigerators have also been getting bigger which means more gallery surface. And some of us have more than one fridge - the second one is usually in the garage or basement along with a discarded toaster-oven we're planning to fix one day. If that fridge is also covered with do-dads - you've crossed the line.

You could make the argument that the number of food storage systems we have and the size of each can be directly correlated to the size of our waistlines. Or you could take the glass-half-full approach and see our expanding fridge galleries as a treasure for future anthropologists and historians. A century from now, today's fridge-front images will speak volumes about the minutia of our daily lives and who we were. So, please, do your part. Keep those snap-shots, coupons, calendars, recipes and aphorisms coming to a fridge door near you. Help preserve your family heritage for future generations because your fridge is, indeed, history.
There are benefits to those among us with adult ADHD.

Among them: an advantage for stage and screen directors who are able to take it all in simultaneously: visual, auditory, movement, pacing and rhythms. The talent comes from being able to see the connections between all of them.
For people too young to know life before television, there was this amazing world called radio with its infinite choice of entertainment, news, drama, comedy, information and stimulating conversations. It's now called podcasting.
The 10th circle of Dante's Inferno is reserved for healthy people who park in spaces for disabled people.

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