Daphne Guinness' Bathtub Lawsuit Find Heiress Guilty Of Overflow

Daphne Guinness Found Guilty Of Overflowing Her Bathtub

Daphne Guinness has done a lot of strange things, from getting dressed in the window of Barneys to using nail polish as lipstick. But the heiress' latest "stunt" has nothing to do with the wild fashion she's best known for -- it's about a bathtub.

Guinness is being forced to pay for water damage done to her neighbors' homes, the New York Post reports, due to her overflowing bathtub. Karim and Tina Samii, who lived downstairs from Guinness in New York's Stanhope Hotel, first sued Guinness in 2010, claiming that her overflowing bathtub flooded their bathroom four times. The couple sought $1 million in compensation for the damages and "mental anguish and emotional distress" caused by their neighbor's splashy ways.

If "mental anguish and emotional distress" over a soppy bathroom sounds silly to you, it did to the judge, too. He ruled on Wednesday that Guinness is not responsible for the emotional stress, just the water damage (and she will owe less than the requested $1 million).

Which doesn't make us any less entertained by this lawsuit. Somehow it seems so perfectly natural that the extravagant Guinness -- who wears the most extreme couture styles (like those wacky heel-less Nina Ricci shoes), speaks in bon mots like "I'll eat when I'm dead" and dresses according to the mantra "Uncomfortable is the name of the game" -- would get sued for taking excessively luxurious baths. Her tub literally runneth over and in dramatic fashion.

UPDATE, 12/7/12: Daphne has officially sold her apartment in the Stanhope Hotel, telling Page Six, “I am glad to be out of the building, the lawsuit caused me so much distress. I felt afraid every time I got in the elevator I’d bump into the neighbors.” She has moved into a new hotel to start fresh.

See Daphne's high fashion style:

July 2002

Daphne Guinness Style Evolution

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